Workforce Development

Our signature program, HORTNYC, provides paid work and training opportunities to New Yorkers looking to strengthen their employment skills and move forward with meaningful careers, especially those that support a sustainable green city.

Why We Care

A hands-on relationship with plants can inspire a career path. We provide supportive, inclusive training programs to New Yorkers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, creating a clear and accessible path to rewarding employment. Through this valuable work, we help people improve their lives. In turn, they transform their city into a more beautiful and healthy place to live. 

How We Work

Horticulture and Open Streets Resident Training in NYC (HORTNYC) is a transitional employment program which provides paid employment and training to underemployed, justice-involved New Yorkers throughout NYC.

We partner with local public and private service providers for referrals to HORTNYC, and also accept direct inquiries from those interested. Our application process allows us to meet and learn about each person’s unique history and experience, talking through the program to mutually determine fit. Once hired, our experienced staff support each person’s professional development through on-the job and classroom training, allowing both core and horticultural skills to blossom. HORTNYC Trainees work 40 hours a week in a paid position to support our organization in caring for open space throughout the city while developing horticultural and core skills designed to support the next steps of their career path.

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