The Hort provides a range of educational programs – classes, activities, events, convenings – to advance urban horticulture literacy among our children, youth, teachers, parents, the general public, community leaders, planners, healthcare providers, and supportive housing providers.

Through our educational programs, The Hort wants all New Yorkers to experience the powerful, unique benefits of the people-plant connection. Urban horticulture improves human well-being, promotes social justice, and sustains a healthy ecosystem. Planted spaces increase the quality of our environment, the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat, the physical activity we engage in, our ability to manage stress and illness, and our social cohesion.  



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Public Programs

The Hort facilitates field trips, internships, and apprenticeships for students and free programs to anyone with an interest in gardening and plants.

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Education Programs

The Hort provides New York City students with a comprehensive suite of learning and hands on gardening experiences at their school and at the Greenhouse and Education Center.

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Greenhouse Education Center

The Hort offers educational opportunities and public programming at the Greenhouse Education Center, located in Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park.

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