The Hort specializes in urban horticulture, the practice of growing plants to improve human life as well as the ecosystem in our rapidly urbanizing world. Our local workforce provides low-cost horticultural services to ensure that New York’s greenspaces are equitable, beneficial and sustainable.

For most New Yorkers, “outdoors” is our streets, sidewalks, bus stops, commercial plazas and bike paths. Destination park visits are not part of our daily routine. Contact with nature happens on the go: in planters, tree pits, and other small “in-between” areas, incidental or planned, that provide access to earth and greenery. At The Hort, we Green the In-Between, even in spaces considered “unplantable.” We believe that these planted spaces add up to provide city dwellers with the people-plant connection essential for a healthy society. There are 22,000 acres of parkland in New York City, but there are 220,000 acres in the grid, the in-between. Planting the grid ensures that our city can equitably provide the health, recreation, psychological, career, harvest, and ecological benefits of the natural world. 





Open Streets

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Public Plazas & Open Streets

The Hort creates and maintains public plazas and open streets in neighborhoods across New York City.

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Urban Greening

The Hort plants and maintains greenspaces in neighborhoods across New York City. We beautify plazas, bus-stops, tree pits and places others would call “unplantable.”

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Workforce Development

Our paid workforce development program, HORTNYC, provides a career path to New Yorkers interested in building horticulture skills while taking care of public space throughout the city.

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