We partner with communities in all five boroughs of New York City to create vibrant greenspaces that foster wellness, learning, and neighborhood pride.

How We Work

The only way we can make beautiful greenspaces accessible to all New Yorkers, in their neighborhoods and on their streets, is through deep community partnerships.

We work closely with local government to create and maintain gardens in public plazas and open streets in local neighborhoods. We partner with local organizations to recruit, hire and train staff who live in the neighborhoods we green.  We work with community-based organizations to support older adults, people with mental disorders and physical disabilities with therapeutic horticulture. Our education programs are developed in collaboration with teachers and administrators from local schools excited to create opportunities for their students to learn and work in gardens.

Therapeutic Gardens

Gardens that promote health, well-being and social inclusion among vulnerable people. in places traditionally isolated from nature

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Learning Gardens

Gardens in schools that provide students with opportunities get their hands dirty and learn from their personal experience with plants.

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Open Spaces

Green spaces on public plazas and open streets that ensure all New Yorkers have access to beauty of a vibrant garden.

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