Therapeutic Horticulture

The Hort is a leading provider of therapeutic horticulture, a well-documented effective therapeutic modality that uses horticulture and gardening to promote health, well-being and social inclusion.

For more than 20 years, the Hort has pioneered and advanced the practice of therapeutic horticulture. We have developed the unique capacity to build, maintain and program therapeutic gardens in sites that traditionally have had no or limited access to nature, such as correctional facilities, supportive housing, healthcare facilities, community centers and Centers for Older Adults. Everyone, no matter where they live, should have access to the healing environment and the mental and physical health benefits of cultivating plants and being immersed in green spaces.



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Detention and Correctional Facilities

We provide New Yorkers living in jails and prisons with comprehensive programming and gardens that support their overall wellbeing year round.

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We provide New Yorkers living in supportive, affordable, and senior housing with therapeutic with outdoor and hands-on activities that improve their wellness.

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Managed Care Facilities

We provide New Yorkers in managed facilities, such as supportive housing and older adult centers, with therapeutic gardens and workshops that support their physical and mental wellness.

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