Dear Supporter,

Yesterday, a student tasted fresh basil for the first time and learned how to transplant seedlings in their school’s container garden.  Today, an ex-offender spreads mulch around a newly planted plaza while community members enjoy their improved green space.  Tomorrow, an elderly tenant will water perennials on the green roof of her supportive housing facility. 

We work hard every day to grow strong and healthy communities across New York City.  But our hard work is only viable through the help of our own community.  You are a part of this growing community, and your support is crucial to the success and impact of our programs.

This past year, we built 10 learning gardens at public schools across the city, which our AppleSeed program uses as outdoor classrooms for over 2,500 inner-city children.  Help us build 10 more.  We worked with supportive housing partners to build and enhance gardens that serve up to 1,000 residents with chronic mental and physical health conditions.  Help us serve 100 more.  Our GreenHouse program inspired over 200 inmates and detainees, teaching them the many benefits of gardening and helping them to turn their life around.  Help us inspire 200 more.  And this year, our GreenTeam program provided on-the-job training and career support to 57 interns, 28 of whom found permanent employment after one year. Help us find jobs for 28 more.

We can only reach these individuals with the support of our community.  Your contribution helps all New Yorkers.  Please give generously.

Thank you for your support.


Mary Van Pelt
Co-Chairman, Board of Directors
Co-Chairman, Annual Fund

Lily O'Boyle
Board of Directors
Co-Chairman, Annual Fund