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Tiny Terrariums
A Family-Friendly Workshop
Saturday, May 3, 2014

You and your child will enjoy planting your own living garden under glass. Together, you’ll learn how to design, create, and care for your little eco-system. Just in time for Mother’s Day, this workshop is a perfect way to celebrate with your family. We’ll provide all the materials needed for you and your child to create a tiny terrarium to take home.

Church of the Resurrection, 119 East 74th Street

10:00am to 12:00pm; Doors open at 9:45am
Members: $10; Non-members: $25 per child
Email for more information.


Mushrooms - Unique Natural Dyers
A Lecture and Demo with Susan Hopkins
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Although mushroom identification is not a simple task, there are three major groups of wild mushrooms that can be recognized for their use as natural dyers. Knowing where and when to look for the best mushrooms helps narrow the field for the beginner as well as the experienced hunter.

Join us for an introduction to various species of wild mushrooms that have been found to contain a rainbow of colors. Using a combination of dried mushrooms, handmade items, digital slides, and books, Susan Hopkins will show the variety of color and share the excitement she has found in using mushrooms for color and demonstrate mushroom dyeing on a small scale.

Susan Hopkins learned to identify fungi as a member of the New Jersey Mycological Association for the last 34 years. She has attended most of the North Eastern Mycological Forays, the annual, regional convention of amateur mushroomers, and several North American Mycological Forays, the annual, national convention of amateur mushroomers. After attending the 1993 International Fungi-Fibre Symposium in Scotland she became a “dyer,” learning the use of various species of wild fungi to dye wool. Even before becoming a “dyer,” her main group of interest to study has been all of the tooth fungi, particularly Hydnellum, Phellodon, Sarcodon and Bankera. Susan now lives in the Adirondack Mountains of NY learning the local fungi flora and continues to do many lectures, walks, and demonstrations on fungi and mushroom dyeing.

Doors open at 6pm; workshop starts at 6:30pm


Block Print and Stamp Making
A Workshop with Claire Briguglio
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Join us for a DIY block printing and stamp making workshop with The Hort’s Claire Briguglio. Handmade stamps are great for block printing customized wrapping paper, gift tags, fabric totes, clothing, prints and more. At this workshop, we’ll draw inspiration from the repeating patterns found in the natural world—vines, leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and more—to carve our own stamps out of soft rubber blocks. We'll conceptualize, design, cut, and test out our stamps on recycled and handmade paper, and you'll take home your newly created stamp so you can create more prints at home.

We’ll provide all the materials needed to create your handmade stamps and several prints on paper; if you have special paper, cards, or other flat printable materials, feel free to bring them to the workshop to try out.

Doors open at 6pm; workshop starts at 6:30pm
Members: $20; Non-members: $35;
Email for more information


Central Park Scavenger Hunt and Eco Arts & Crafts
A Family-Friendly Workshop
Saturday, June 7, 2014

Enjoy a late spring morning in the park! Meet us in Central Park where you and your child will collect leaves, plants, and other natural specimens on a scavenger hunt. Your child will bring his or her findings to the Church of the Resurrection and use them to create festive works of botanical art, such as leaf rubbings, collages, and natural stamp prints!

Meet at 9:30 in Central Park at 5th Avenue & 74th Street; workshop will continue at Church of the Resurrection, 119 East 74th Street

9:30am to 11:30am
Members: $5; Non-members: $15 per child
Email for more information.


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